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Fiber and Products

Llama and Alpaca fiber is warmer, lighter and stronger than sheep’s wool, and offers a vast array of natural colors. There is no lanolin in their fleece and it is non-irritating to the skin. People who can’t wear or work with sheep’s wool usually find these garments or fleeces a joy.

Llama and Alpaca fibers are sought after by hand spinners, knitters, weavers, and fiber artists.

Home grown fiber: We are proud to have a small herd of Alpacas which we keep for their fiber only. Fortunately most of our Llamas have wonderful fiber too. It is much appreciated by many spinners, knitters, weavers.

We will shear our animals late spring, early summer. At that time the Alpacas will have grown back their full fleece. While the llama take up to two years to fully grow back it’s hair, many will have grown an acceptable length to work with. An other and not less important reason why we will shear our critters is the summer heat. We like to know that they are comfortable and that the air can reach all the critical areas of their body.

It’s always exciting to see the wonderful fleeces coming off their producers in a multiple variety of colors. We  are offering some of the raw product but will also sell carded fiber for spinners or for felting, and professionally spun yarn for knitters or weavers. If  we don’t have what you are looking for we will help you to find it. We can also provide Mohair and other exotic fiber. Yarn is sold on cones or in balls.

Please do not hesitate and contact us for details on available qualities and colors.

Fiber washing: We are new offering to wash your raw fiber to be ready for processing.

Other Products and Gifts: The perfect asset to your collection or as a gift for all llama lovers.