Getting Started with Llamas

Getting Started with Llamas or Alpacas – Full day course

One never stops learning about caring for camelids. It is important to get the basic knowledge about the needs of llamas and alpacas before they arrive at their new home. Over the years we have received many phone calls from owners who needed help, most of the time the problem wouldn’t have become one if the preliminary home work had been done.

We want to help and offer now a full day course about ‘Getting started with llamas’.

The day is designed to cover a wide range of topics, including:
The history of llamas and alpacas
What do I need to get started?
What to do once I have the animals?
What is there to do with the fiber?
What else can I do with them?
Practical experience in hands-on (i.e. pre-purchase assessment for llamas)
Meet the animals on the farm.
Ask as many questions as you have.

The full day course fee for 1 to 4 persons of the same family is 150.00 $ and includes refreshments as well as a documentation kit. This fee is fully refundable on purchase of llamas from Elisabeth’s Llama Ranch. For more details and bookings email