Why Llamas and Alpacas?

Elisabeth’s Llama Ranch

Why Llamas and Alpacas?

Llamas are among the oldest domesticated breed in the world. They weigh from 250 to 450 pounds and measure about 48″ at the withers. The llama lifespan is approx. 25 years. Extremely intelligent animals, they have evolved to be wonderful companion animals, they are prized for their fiber their guarding capabilities for livestock, and the ease and enjoyment of raising them.

Alpacas are raised as prime breeding stock and for their fleece. The alpaca lifespan is approx. 20 years. They measure about 36″ at the withers and weigh around 150 pounds. Alpacas also make wonderful companion animals.

Packing: The llama’s centuries-old ability as a beast of burden has been rediscovered by hikers. Their hardiness, surefootedness and common sense make them an excellent pack animal and trail companion. Llamas are environmentally friendly and have minimal impact on the back-country or the golf course where they will caddy for you.

Show: Llamas and Alpacas are judged very similarly to other livestock and classes offered may include Conformation/Fleece, Obstacle and Showmanship.

Guarding: Llamas can provide an effective, long-term and economical alternative for predator control. Sheep and goat producers currently using llamas to guard their flocks are experiencing high levels of protection from predators.

4-H & Youth: The Llama’s and Alpaca’s gentle nature and curiosity make them very compatible with children of all ages. Young children can easily walk a well trained animal. 4-H clubs for llamas and alpacas are popular across Canada.